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Art. 1 All offers, fairs and price lists are indicative, subject to specific conditions in writing from AHV.
Art. 2 unless otherwise agreed in writing, all invoices are payable in cash on delivery. Place of payment is Antwerps Haven Vervoer NV Head office. Antwerps Haven Vervoer NV can issue an invoice for services rendered before the assignment is complete.
Art. 3 The customer has no right whatsoever to decide on the debt comparison, unless a written agreement is made.  All payments must be made without any deductions of set off.
Art.4 Every unpaid invoice on it’s due date, gives by operation of law and without previous formal notice, gives grounds for default interest of 1% per month, as from the expiry date to the date of complete payment received, and this undiminished the right of Antwerps Haven Vervoer NV for damages.  Every unpaid invoice on it’s due date, will by way of lumps damages be raised to 15% with a minimum of 50,- Euro and can be raised further with an indemnity for damages s demonstrated by Antwerps Haven Vervoer NV. The whole or partially unpaid status of an invoice on it’s due date will ensure that all other amounts and not expired invoices will immediately be demandable.  When any invoice remains unpaid, Antwerps Haven Vervoer NV has the right to terminate contracts with said client.  An invoice should be contested within 8 days, as from the date of receipt.  Any late complaints will be considered tardy and will not be taken into account.
Art.5 The Belgian law is applicable to any dispute that arises from the present contract. The courts of he district of Antwerps Haven Vervoer NV’s head office are competent, without prejudice to the right of Antwerps Haven Vervoer NV to indicate another empowered court.

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