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Thierry Vergauwen takes over his father’s taxi company New AHV.  As Managing Director, he specialises over the years in maritime transport.

Bart De Mulder is retained as Operations Manager and, together with Thierry Vergauwen, leads the company. At that time they had 5 taxi’s and 8 staff.  

New AHV is 24/7 contactable by their customers.  The day dispatching has functioned for years from the premises.  During 2007 the night dispatching was installed at the office.

The company acquired 5 more taxi permits, which means expansion to 10 taxi permits. 

New AHV celebrates it’s 15 years success in dancing ‘the Noxx’ with  their customers.

At the end of this year Thierry Vergauwen sells the company to his Operations Manager, Bart De Mulder.   

JanuarY 2011
New AHV is re-named, Antwerps Haven Vervoer, AHV for short, and is transformed into an N.V.

March 2011
The company moved to bigger offices at Quay 136, Boterhamvaartweg 11 in Antwerp. The car fleet is expanded to 14.

JulY 2011
AHV starts a close association in the Port of Zeebrugge.  A complete maritime service can be offered in and around Zeebrugge/  AHV also specialises more and more in administrative support for the customers with regard to the maritime documents.  

October 2012  
Antwerps Haven Vervoer takes over De Rumpst Taxi and specialises here with in patient- and wheelchair transport.  The number of permits grows to 17, with a total of 45 drivers.  It was decided the install a lift in 3 of our mini vans, to aid with the transport of wheelchair users. 



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