Taxi law :

These guidelines can be found in Royal Decree of 2 April 1975   For the complete guidelines we refer to

Important guidelines :

For the safety and the comfort of the customers and drivers :

- the driver can refuse to transport a customer, who requests a long distance or to a remote, secluded area, unless the identity of the customer can be established beforehand. 
- a retainer can be asked for long distance transfers.
- the driver may refuse a customer who is in bad state of inebriety.                                        
- the driver should always take the most obvious route to bring the customer to his destination, unless the customer insists to take another route, or unless they mutually agree to take another route.

It is at all times prohibited to :

- smoke in the car, for the customer as well as the driver.  
- for a customer to get into a taxi if the regulatory number of seats are taken.   
- get into the taxi with dogs or any other animals which cannot sit on their lap, without permission of the driver, with exception of guide dogs for the blind.                                                    
- to get into a taxi in obvious state of uncleanliness or carrying an infectious disease
- hang out the vehicle or to open the doors while moving.  
- soil or damage the taxi, or to throw anything out of the window.